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Sir Mukul Aggarwal (Psychologist & Psychotherapist)

Sir Mukul Aggarwal has the world class techniques to change human behaviour & influence people to move the positive aspects of life.
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Chaitanya Infinite institute for Human Relation, Counselling, Psychiatric medicine & Psychotherapy.
We deal with mental disorder like Anxiety, Depression, Fear & Phobias, Adjustment problem, Marital problem, Child problem, Sleep disorder. etc.

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These are Psychological Treatment ways. Psychiatric Medicine, Psychological Counselling, Psychotherapy C.B.T., 16 types of Alternative therapies. This is the best combination for cure mental Disorders and Adjustment problems.


(Director of Chaitanya Infinite) Sir Mukul Aggarwal, Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Life Coach, 10 Years of Experience

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Counselling for Depression disorder.

  • Symptoms of depression, counselling & psychotherapy cure your depression.

    Psychological Symptoms:- Feeling of emptiness, hopelessness, Despair & sadness, Irritability, anxiousness, & guilt, feeling of exhaustion, severe tiredness, loss of interest in any activities, Suicidal thoughts or attempts, Sleep disturbances. Physical Symptoms:- aches & pains, cramps,headaches, Digestive issues, bloating, lack of energy, feeling out of control, mood swings & feeling of tearfulness, panic attacks, feeling of tension, disinterest in daily activities.-----------------------------------------------BENEFITS OF COUNSELLING & THERAPY.. (1) Awareness of thought & behavior patterns, (2) Healthy coping mechanisms, (3) Positive productive thought patterns, (4) Emotion regulation Techniques.----------------------- POSSIBLE TREATMENTS & THERAPY TO HEAL YOUR DEPRESSION:- (1) Psychiatrist Medicine (2) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (3) Psychoeducation (4) Lifestyle Modifications (5) Goals Management (6) Mindfulness & Meditation (7) Acceptance therapy.

Anxiety Disorder cure by Psychological Counselling & Psychotherapy.

  • Anxiety symptoms & Benefits after treatment.

    Anxiety disorders are characterized by a general feature of excessive fear (i.e. emotional response to perceived or real threat) and Anxiety (i.e. worrying about a future threat) and can have negative behavioral and emotional consequences........... PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS.. Headache, Sleep disorder, Fast heart beat, Sweating, Body ache, Weakness, Shivering, Low & High B.P., Upset stomach, Dry mouth, Panic attacks........... NEGATIVE FEELING.. Disappointment, Hurt/Hate, Fear, Frustration, Irritation, Anger, Sad, Loneliness, Helpless, Hopeless, Anxious, Confusion, Guilt...PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOM...... No interest in any activity, Nervousness/Restless, Low confidence, No decision making, Low self esteem, Worthless, Suicidal Tendency, Forgetting, Lack of concentration..............BENEFITS AFTER TREATMENT... Enhance self esteem & self acceptance, helps develops positive social connections, Improve your mood & Emotional intelligence, Increase mental strength & focus, Better information processing.

Relationship Counselling and Benefits.

  • Problem with (Couple, Parents & children, Husband & Wife, Colleagues, Friends, In laws, Boy friend & Girl friend)

    Relationship are the most important and vital parts our life. Building a healthy relationship is an art to be learnt and a seed to be nourished......For Healthy Relationship we need to learn, 1- Skills of open communications, 2- Conflict resolution. 3- Unconditional acceptance and forgiveness..... Major causes of relationship issues......(Behavioral issues, Distorted communications, Different love language, Cheating or Infidelity, Past Baggage, Sexual Incompatibility, Conflict resolution etc. * Fostering awareness of individual & couple partners, * Establish healthy communication, * Effective conflict resolution, * Deeper & Better understanding of their partner's needs, * Enhance emotional & mental connections, * Better interpersonal skill,* Develop long lasting changes, * Healthy coping mechanisms, * Healing overwhelming emotions & unresolved emotions, * Converting self-blame or self-criticism in self-respect & self-confidence, * Mindfully taking control of your heart and life.

Psychotherapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy (C.B.T.) & Individual Behavioral Therapy.

  • How does it work.

    C.B.T. is a type of psychotherapy which has become a crucial part of psychology. while it was originally formulated as a treatment for Depression, Anxiety. It is now involved in the treatment of many different disorder. It works on irrational pattern of unconscious mind and convert those in to rational pattern, Negative thoughts are convert in to positive thoughts and change behavioral pattern. our clients are completely transformed by this therapy.

Stress Management Counselling and Benefits.

  • Symptoms of Stress and Treatment by Counseling and Psychotherapy.

    CAUSE OF STRESS:- (* Social & Financial problem, * Physical & Mental illness, * Lack of social support networks, * Family history of stress or family disorder.) SYMPTOMS:- * Headache & Migraines, * Muscle tension,* Loss of appetite, * Acid reflux, * Weight gain, weight loss, * Sleeping a lot, * Elevated blood pressure, * chest pain, * Constipation, * Excessive eating, * Stressful memories, * Defensive, * Change invoice tone, * Quick temper, * Bed mood, * Depression, * Lack of motivation, * Irrational thoughts, * Shyness, * Aggressiveness, * Hopeless, helpless, Powerless, Loneliness..... BENEFITS.. Active lifestyle, Emotional intelligence including empathy, Meditation or mindfulness, use of relaxation techniques, social support, spiritual expression, Restful, optimism, happiness, Quit time alone, Sense of humor, Responsible self-management of time & finances.

Negative Thought

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy change our Belief system, Prospective, Perception & Transform in a right way.

O.C.D (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

  • Cure by Psychological Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Fear and Phobias

  • Cure by Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Parenting, Personal Growth, Self-Esteem issues

  • Improve by Counselling, Therapy, Meditation,

Spiritual Growth, Addiction Issues, Sleep Issues, Anger Management.

  • Chaitanya Infinite provide the best service in the world for all mental problems, Disorder etc.

Highly Trained & Certified Team Member

  • Certified Psychologist, Psychotherapist & Counselor.

    We have the best and most Experienced psychologist, psychotherapist and counselor they have more then 10 years of experience, Successful result of 10000+ Cases, all team members are empathetic Listener, polite, non-judgmental, they are solution-oriented. we give 100% guarantee of cure your problem. You are just accepted the way you are and are provided with deep knowledge and understanding of your problems along with your approach of dealing with them. you are provided with different skills and techniques to holistic meditative approaches, depending on what you are comfortable with. To help you overcome your problems, we connect you with trained and certified therapist who provides you with unconditional support and guidance to help you become capable of creating your own possibilities.


a month ago
I met Sir Mukul Aggarwal ji for the treatment of my father. Mukul ji is a man of perfection. His connect with patient and family is outstanding. He is very humble and polite. I would say that he is the best person in his field of speciality. His staff is really cooperative and helpful. Special thanks to Sir Mukul ji from the bottom of my heart. My father has become normal and developed positive attitude under Mukul ji guidance. Best wishes to Sir Mukul Aggarwal ji to rise to the point in life where nobody has thought of. God bless him with health ,wealth and prosperity ✌✌
- Vishal R
a week ago
My experience here was very helpful, it gave me a new perspective to life on how to tackle anxiety and I learned to be more positive and focussed. Therapy is one of the most beneficial methods to deal with such issues and Mukul Sir surely knows how to guide on this path. Very much thankful to you.
- lokesh b
a month ago
He is the best Psychologist . Expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have 10 years experience in this field.Thousands of patients had been cured by him. I have seen my eyes to transform other life.....I can say he is the best 💯...
- Change y


       REGISTERED  SINCE - 2009

Chaitanya Infinite is the institute for human relation, Counseling and Psychotherapy. We deal in mental disorders and Adjustment problems. Our goal is to make this world a better and more beautiful place. We work on irrational pattern of unconscious mind and convert those in to rational patterns.
We are one of the top player in our field. We serve clients both from Uttarakhand and from other states of country.
We have been conducting a life management class called "Stress ko kaho bye bye Seminar" successfully for past 5 years free of cost for social welfare.
We consider our every client as a part of our family. For us client satisfaction is more important than our services.
Post therapy we keep regular follow ups with clients.
We employ individuals that are dedicated in their respective roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goals of Chaitanya Infinite.

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